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Lose Yourself to Become Happy. 21-century explanation of Buddha's wisdom.

No Self No Problem is the book for those who want to understand Who they are and How to find peace with Themselves and finally become happy.

As you might know, I have been curious about human nature all my life. The main questions that occupied my mind were 'Who am I?' and 'Why do we (people) behave the way we do?'.

I was lucky to be exposed to both western and easter ways of thinking. My bookshelf contained traditional psychology and eastern philosophy and religions, the new age, traditional medicine and massage. I've always looked at life holistically but had difficulties backing up my beliefs as the western approach requires a scientific proof, and equipment wasn't that advanced.

Chris Niebauer combined Western and Eastern knowledge for decades. His book "No self no problem. How neuropsychology is catching up to Buddhism" became that turning point when I felt at ease to explain why I believe in meditation, losing yourself (our ego) and learning how and when to follow your gut feeling.

If you still need proof or if you want to know what scientists think about ancient knowledge - put this book on your reading list. I promise it will help you to find new meaning, reconnect to your true self, bring creativity and happiness into your life.

Finally, neuroscience can show us what exactly happens in our brain and how our mind likes to trick us. We are just beginning to understand the magic behind our brain, and it'll take a while for science to explain everything. But the future looks very bright and exciting.

Meanwhile, I plan to reread my books on Buddhism, Yoga, Tao Te Ching, and Western Philosophers, predominantly BC. People who lived more than 2500 years ago might not have all the fancy tools, but they knew how to use their experience, brain and were very connected to themselves and the environment.

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