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New Year… New Planner!

Every year I treat myself to a new Journal. Hands up, I'm not the most dedicated person when it goes to keeping a journal for the whole year. Most of the time, I jump into it at the beginning of the year full of enthusiasm after I've finalised my New Year Resolution and drop off in a few months, once life takes its course. I will come back to using it on and of thought the year, but mostly to arrange my mini-projects or keep track of paperwork.

This year I've decided to adopt a new way of planning my life and projects.

I was curious about how planet energy has affected us for a long time. I've never made time to learn astrology properly, as I genuinely believe that you should dedicate all your time to being an expert in it. I don't read general horoscopes, as almost eight billion people who fall into 12 categories cannot have the same event.

I was doing recently to pay attention to what's happening to me and people who are close to me during different moon phases and eclipses. So after making some notes, I would go online to read what kind of energy every moon brought. Doing that helped me to realise that by following basic astrology, we can help ourselves with completing our projects or understanding why all of a sudden you feel like you are drifting apart from your loved ones.

So, how do I plan to use my Journal this year?

I've got myself a moon calendar and a Cosmoplanner that has essential information and guidance on aligning your activity with natural cycles. A completely new thing for me is void, of course - a time that moon goes to a new sign. But, planning according to these events helps with a daily task, hints you on what to do and what is more important - what not to do at a particular time.

The planner also includes Mercury cycles.

I'm sure you heard about the Retrograde phase when everyone blames pure Mercury with their misfortune. I don't know much about it, but I am curious to see how planning my medium-sized projects will go if I follow its course.

Why do I think it's a great way to work through a year?

  • First of all, you will learn something new. And when you know something new, it's easier to stick to doing something longer.

  • Secondly, following that planner is like playing a game. It's proven that introducing game elements into a project or education multiplies its effectiveness.

  • Thirdly, mastering your skills will create personal satisfaction and keep your motivation. Cycles are repetitive, and you will feel more comfortable using the system.

Note: It's not an add or affiliated link. I'm genially sharing the tools that help me in my personal development.

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